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Rising to New Heights—Ascent Trainer vs Elliptical: Which is Right for Me?

There are a number of similarities between the elliptical and the Ascent Trainer®. Both offer a great, low- or no-impact workout that is easy on the joints. The Ascent Trainer® also shares the elliptical footpath and incorporates resistance for a tougher workout. They are similar in size and utilize the same Suspension Elliptical Technology. They both deliver a great-feeling workout that taxes the body in all the right ways and none of the wrong ones. 

But there is a difference. The Ascent Trainer® adds another element to the workout, and that's where things get really interesting (or challenging). 

The Ascent Trainer® allows you to adjust the height of your ellipse by adding incline or rise to your path of motion. That means you can go from a walk to a jaunt up stadium stairs—all with just the touch of a button. You can still ramp up your resistance, too. 

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Why add both rise and resistance? Yes, both features add an element of difficulty to the workout. However, they each do it in a unique way and, therefore, add unique challenge. The resistance incorporates more muscle activity, turning a traditional cardio session into a cardio/strength blend. The incline or rise also activates quads, hamstrings, and core muscles that are not typically engaged in a walking, elliptical, or even a running workout. In essence, the Ascent Trainer® allows you to train harder and train more muscles than a traditional elliptical can— all without sacrificing the comfort that an elliptical workout ensures. 

The Ascent Trainer® gives the body the variety it craves without leaving too much to chance. A lot of equipment manufacturers talk about incorporating user-defined motion to deliver this workout versatility. That certainly is an option, but it is one that puts a lot of responsibility on users, who have to consciously monitor their paths of motion to ensure that they maintain the workouts they think they want. If you daydream or lose focus, your workout could revert to something simpler, something less challenging, and ultimately something less effective. That squanders your time and delays results.

That is why the Ascent Trainer® brings flexibility to the movement pattern without relying on a user-defined path of motion. That distinction is critical. The Ascent Trainer®’s versatility enables you to vary your exercise workout-to-workout or even moment to moment, but it also ensures a level of consistency that would be lost if the motion were totally user-defined. You do not have to focus on maintaining a climb or a certain stride length. You cannot default to a less strenuous, almost passive path. The Ascent Trainer® lets you adjust your movement pattern and then maintain it as long as you like or recreate it over and over again. You can focus on your effort and output and not on the shape of your ellipse.

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