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About Virtual Active

Make Every Workout a New Adventure!

Virtual Active transforms ordinary exercises into breathtaking journeys through exotic locales. Footage is synced to the intensity and speed of your workout, so you'll really climb hills and race down mountain passes as your incline or resistance changes automatically to match the course on your Matrix touchscreen console.

Virtual Active features high-definition footage shot on location by professional film crews who share your passion for exercise, travel, and adventure. It's interactive, responsive, and seamless, creating one of the most immersive exercise and entertainment experiences available!

Featured Courses:

Canadian Rockies, Italian Alps, Trinity Mountains, and California Coast come as the standard programs on your Matrix equipment. Additional courses can be purchased from a Matrix certified dealer.

Compatible Products:

You can access Virtual Active through all Matrix home cardio equipment featuring the XER, XIR, or XUR touchscreen console. 



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