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Set up your User Profile and xID

When using a Matrix touchscreen console, you have the option to workout as a guest or to create a user profile. Using "Guest" does not save any previous workout data, app logins, or vital information, but allows you to get on the machine and go.

A user profile will allow you to enter vital statistics such as gender, height, and weight (used for calculations like calories burnt) and will save your app information for a single sign-on experience. On Matrix consoles, you can have up to 4 users and 1 guest user. 

There are two options to create a user profile ‒ offline user and online user. 

Offline User

When you create a profile as an offline user, you do not need WiFi. Your workout results and data are only saved to the console. When you are logged in as a user instead of guest, you will see the "Recent Workouts" tile is populated with your most recent workouts. Past workouts cannot be saved as a guest. You can also sign in to your apps (like Netflix and Spotify) and your account information will be saved to the console for the next time you sign in. 

console screen

Online User (a.k.a. xID)

An online account makes use of a user ID system known as xID. This is a unique number you choose (phone numbers are easiest to remember). There is also a 4-digit numeric passcode for security.

online user login screen

The xID is used as a universal single sign-on code for any connected Matrix fitness equipment (at home or at the gym), apps, and websites. The xID online account also allows data to be shared with ViaFit, where you can link to select third party fitness tracking apps. An online user account requires a WiFi connection on the console.

create xID screen

Online vs. Offline

So which profile type do you set up? Well, it comes down to several things online offers that offline does not. 

Select online if:

  • You own more than one piece of Matrix equipment (this will allow you to use your saved passwords on both consoles!)
  • You use Matrix equipment at your gym or fitness facility (you will have access to all previous workouts and all your saved accounts when you log in at the gym)
  • You want to connect to select 3rd party apps (like MyFitnessPal) to track your workouts

If you want to save your workouts and account info to JUST your single Matrix console, feel free to create an offline user account to use in your home!

View this video to set up your user profile on a touchscreen XER, XIR, or XUR console. 

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