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Sprint 8

You want the transformative results that come with intense training, and nothing delivers those results like the world's most intense interval training program, Sprint 8®. Only Sprint 8 can increase natural human growth hormone production, improve cardiovascular endurance, reduce body fat, and enhance overall fitness in everyone from young adults to active seniors using traditional cardio equipment.

The Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol was created by Phil Campbell, a board-certified hospital executive and a personal trainer since 1972. Based on the principle that the body itself is telling us how to exercise to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, Sprint 8 was developed using research examining exercise-induced natural human growth hormone release rather than calories burned. 

Sprint 8 was a novel exercise program 30 years ago, but in recent years, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has gained popularity in the fitness world. The Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol has been tested in two eight-week, hospital-based clinical trials and proven to increase natural human growth hormone levels by over 800%, resulting in a significant reduction in body fat and improved serum lipid values in diabetic and middle-aged adults. 

Sprint 8 is available exclusively on Johnson Health Tech brands of equipment (Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness, and select Horizon Fitness products). 

One Step Beyond HIIT


All exercise is beneficial to the body, but not all exercise is created equal. In most HIIT programs you exercise for 45 seconds or more with a brief rest period between sets of exercises. With this method, you aren't reaching your maximum threshold with every interval. Sprint 8 goes a step beyond HIIT, with a 30 second interval performed at all-out intensity, followed by a 90 second recovery interval. The 30-90 ratio works to reduce body fat, lower bad cholesterol, and can lead to a healthier you. 

Researched & Validated

Find out more about the science that makes Sprint 8 the most effective, time-efficient workout available HERE!

About Phil Campbell, M.S., MA, FACHE, ACSM-CPT

A certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, Phil Campbell works with athletes to improve speed and agility. He created the Sprint 8 training program to bring the science of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, to cardio workouts. His regimen has be heralded in numerous publications, including Outside, Self, and Oprah's O Magazine, which calls it the fastest-working workout. He details his findings and the science behind them in his book "Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol: The Perfect Fitness Solution."

Campbell also spent two decades of his career as a senior hospital administrator. His familiarity with the healthcare system and his access to renowned researchers and scientists enabled him to infuse his Sprint 8 training system with hard data. That, in turn, enabled him to optimize the program to achieve maximum results.

Learn more about Sprint 8 at https://sprint8.com/

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